Rotary Club of South Puget Sound


"Service Above Self"


Welcome to the Rotary Club of South Puget Sound!


New members are provided a Red Name Badge.  This is to allow other members to make a point to get to know you.  It also is to provide you incentive to become knowledgeable and to get involved in the Club.  Members who are more knowledgeable about our Club and about Rotary International wear a Blue Badge.


The following steps are required to transition from a RED BADGE to a BLUE BADGE:


Date                                         Item



____   Introduce yourself to other South Puget Sound Club members and have them sign your Membership Directory


____   Be a greeter and introduce visiting Rotarians at a minimum of two club meetings


____   Speak with the Chair of the Club Service Committee about committees and volunteer to become a member of one or more club committees


____   Attend at least one Rotary Information session

            (sometimes called a "Fireside" meeting)


____   Perform a makeup at another Rotary Club


____   Attend a Club Board of Directors meeting


____   Give a Five minute Classification talk



Please enter dates and return this check list to the Secretary when all steps are completed - Congratulations!