We had a visitor and she was so moved by Rotary and our club that she wrote and shared this poem. Thanks Lindy Blodgett!

Poetry of Peace


The Rotary Club of South Puget Sound/Olympia recently enjoyed a visit from poet Lindy Blodgett.  Ms. Blodgett attended the meeting in support of our speaker, an extraordinary personal and leadership coach, Cathy Rivers.  After the meeting, she asked about Rotary's history and mission, with which she was unfamiliar.  She was deeply moved by the work we do for world peace and health, and wrote this poem in response.  Her poem, in turn, moved us.


The Deepest Place

By Lindy Sepha Blodgett


All over this wide
people want

Men in business suits
and women business casual on a Friday
sit in circles in banquet halls
for peace.
Drop dollars in a hat
and tell stories
to make
a thing
of joy,
too many papers of bombs blowing limbs
to sit and read,
too many women floating the wrong way
in rivers,
our hands having turned
from graceful soil tilling
and cheek resting
to wrestling blood from one

Tonight as the day closes
that opened in an early morning
drive along the west bay water
for peace,
I say yes,
I am more ready now,
yes the people crossing the borders
to speak to each other,
person to person,
with or without
diplomatic relations between
heads of state
are doing the thing
that grows seed again in
droughted land.

Fill us with
tidal motion and
stars glinting the night water,
Lives to hold the children.
The children everywhere.
Barefoot and beautiful.
Storied and exploding in motion.

Another ceasefire.
Another crossing,
pair of shoes to
run wild and precise across the field to meet the ball.

There are a thousand ways
to open a palm and take a step.
May we do it bursting
with kindness,
hearts solemn
or no.